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Reviews: 'Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy,' by Dinty W. Moore; 'Make Me,' by Lee Child

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Drive 31, at. Dinty Moore's Brevity Blog has been an important resource for those of us interested in online essay experiments, and among the most innovative and interesting is Moore's own "Mr.

Plimpton's Revenge," which uses Google Maps as its platform. Undoubtedly, video essays will make increased use of computer-generated imagery and animation. Aug 18,  · DINTY W. MOORE is a highly regarded essayist and author of numerous books, including The Mindful Writer, Crafting the Personal Essay, and the memoir Between Panic and Desire, winner of the Grub Street Nonfiction Book Prize.

Dinty W. Moore is a highly regarded essayist and author of numerous books, including The Mindful Writer, Crafting the Personal Essay, and the memoir Between Panic and Desire, winner of the Grub Street Nonfiction Book Prize. Dinty W.

Moore talks about his unconventional, superstitious, comic, mindful and messy approach to teaching and practicing craft. Photo by Renita M. Romasco Dinty W. Moore stands in one corner of the Moto-I Sake and Noodle House in Minneapolis, surrounded by. Feb 17,  · Aubrey Hirsch noted she was first drawn to digital storytelling after seeing Dinty Moore’s Mr.

Plimpton’s Revenge, an essay told entirely through Google Maps. And then Dinty W. Moore—flash nonfiction pioneer, Google Maps essayist, “accidental Buddhist”—took it all away from me. I know it’s traditional to refer to writers .

Dinty moore google maps essay
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